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Core Project Team

Community Team

Convoy wouldn't be the same without our community contributing to development, so thank you all for putting in the time and effort in pushing Convoy forward!

Documentation Committee

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These organizations and individuals helped support Convoy's development.

Advin Services LLCDonated several development servers to support early development when there were little development resources.
KjartannDonated $250 during early development
HeavyNodeAssisted in the development of Convoy terminal and helped make it possible.
Pterodactyl PanelServed as an example for project structure and provided plenty of early inspiration.
Halvex Inc.Designed logos, banners, and other graphic arts for us for free.


Convoy® Copyright © 2020-2023 Eric Wang and Performave

The panel source code is available under the Business Source License. This license doesn't mean Convoy is open-source as open-source implies freedom of usage, modification, and distribution. However, Convoy places certain limits on usage, which are explained further on the licensing page.

Released under the Business Source License.