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Download VM Templates

Templates are premade images, which Convoy duplicate and create VMs off. With Convoy Downloader, you can automatically download a variety of templates, so you do not need to bother with creating them.

Download the script

You can grab the script by running following command on your Proxmox node (via SSH or in the web terminal)


After getting the downloader, you need to give it rights to execute. Do this with the following command:

chmod +x downloader

Now, you are ready to run the downloader and install the templates to your Proxmox node. To run the downloader, execute following command:


You will be prompted to input the Storage Volume: This is the name of the volume, where your template servers will be saved to.


Make sure, that your selected location is configured to store VM Disks. Otherwise, the templates will not install correctly.

Screenshot of storages in Proxmox

You have now installed all templates onto your Proxmox node.

Adding templates to Convoy

After you have added a node into Convoy (Adding a Node), you can import the templates to Convoy. Navigate to the Admin area -> Nodes and select your node. Then click on "Templates". You can now create a "Template Group"


This template group name will be displayed, when clients want to reinstall their servers. Name it clearly!

After creating a group, we can add the templates into the group. The Display Name will be the name of the template, which your users will see. The VMID is the server-id (see below) of the template within Proxmox.

Screenshot of VMID display in Proxmox

Example Group

In our case, this is how it can look like, if we want to group multiple versions of the same OS together.

Screenshot of an example template group

Released under the Business Source License.